Dizraptor App Offers Pre-IPO Investments from $10,000

New York, NY, May 19, 2022 – (NovationWire) – This spring Dizraptor app has provided access to private equity investments for retail investors. The app lets you invest in disruptive technology companies at the mid- to late growth stages. Investments are available from $10,000 and up. Dizraptor can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Rare pre-IPO shares

The new app allows users to invest in private companies just as easily as users would be trading on a stock market. The difference is that instead of quoted stocks, users can invest in private space, foodtech, biotech, AI, and other tech giants that haven’t yet become public.

With Dizraptor, users can build a portfolio of stocks that were previously affordable largely to major venture funds. Most often, they are pre-IPO investments – in private companies which are close to the moment of going public.

Higher return

Dizraptor’s team has been doing private equity for more than three years. Their deals include pre-IPO investments in many successful companies. According to Dizraptor’s analysts, the high return on investment in private companies is largely due to the fact that these are innovative companies. They create new markets and breakthrough technologies with an estimated growth potential of $200 trillion by 2030.

Reasonable risk

Dizraptor offers investments in major private companies. Such investments have greater return potential compared to publicly traded investments and less risk compared to early-stage ventures.

There are more than 1,000 unicorns – private startups with a valuation above $1 billion— globally. Most of them can offer functioning products and are well known in their sector. They grow thanks to venture capital inflows and manage to maximize their value even prior to their listing.

Long-term investments

Dizraptor is a perfect fit for investors who want to build their portfolio from long-term investments. In a basic scenario, a pre-IPO investment is an investment in a private company 1-3 years before IPO. However, it is impossible to predict the actual duration of an offering, and investors run the risk of choosing an investment with a longer duration than expected.

On the other hand, private markets are not as volatile as public markets, users are exposed to less news and there’s virtually no FOMO, so investors are less likely to lose their money on emotion.

How does it work?

Investments through Dizraptor are simple and easy even for a novice investor. The app’s analysts select the most exciting high-tech private companies and post detailed information about them. Users make investments, follow company news and the dynamics of their stock price – directly in the app. After a company goes public and the lockup period is over, investors receive the result of the investment in their account.

Also, users get in-app analytics on new tech industries, news from the world of tech, videos about the latest innovations and the companies that create them. Dizraptor will excite even those who are just looking at the private market.

To start investing, users need to pass a simple identity verification and confirm the status of accredited investor. All investments in Dizraptor are available from $10,000.

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