SCAM WARNING: Dual Miners Project May Cause Financial Loss and Credit Card Fraud

Dual Miners, DualMini, DualPro, DualPro Max, DualPremium SCAM projects and SUSPICIOUS press releases warning notice

Singapore  Scam warning notice about suspicious project Dual Miners (website: ) . The project may cause financial loss to users and make users a victim of credit card fraud.

Dual Miners once paid newswires via PayPal for a press release about their cryptocurrency mining computer. The company’s domain name is:  (in use)  (old domain name, the website has expired)

After the press release was successfully distributed, PayPal initiated a refund application. The owner of the credit card linked to Dual Miners’ PayPal account told PayPal that he had no idea of the payment. This means: Dual Miners may have stolen the user’s credit card, opened a PayPal account, and then used PayPal to make fraudulent payments.

From other online information, Dual Miners’ cryptocurrency are selling mining computers and requiring users to provide credit card information. From the above information, the Dual Miners project is very suspicious, and the purchaser’s private information and credit card information may be misused.

In order to avoid further losses for users, we remind all PR Agencies and Newswires that have business contact with Dual Miners to stop sending out any suspicious press releases from Dual Miners. We also remind all users to stay away from Dual Miners to avoid financial loss and credit card fraud.



SCAM Warning — New York, NY – Since we have achieved an incredible milestone in the cryptocuurrency industry, we have been a victim of several cyber-attacks, the recent of which was from Russian hackers. Therefore, is no longer available, but Nothing else has changed.

SCAM Warning — We have proffered a solution to the current problem of cryptocurrency mining, and so with our machines, you can be assured of a larger ROI, even on the first month. Dual Miners Ltd has developed three solutions that are pre-configured for ease of use and promise a return on investment in as little as one month due to advancements in ASIC chip technology.

SCAM Warning — The company’s current offerings, according to a corporate statement, include DualMini, DualPro, DualPro Max, and the most recent DualPremium, all of which are designed to support profitable operations on the blockchain of choice. See 

SCAM Warning — In addition to providing crypto wallet development services, the company sells graphics processing units to consumers. The company has offices on three continents. Dual Miners has a solid reputation in the Blockchain industry as a result of its extensive market experience.

SCAM Warning — The above picture is Dual Pro, one of the fast selling machines and very effective we have

SCAM Warning — Shipping costs

SCAM Warning — As a consequence of this, Dual Miners will pay for both shipping and import tariffs, enabling customers to acquire everything they require to get started with no further costs beyond the cost of the device itself.

SCAM Warning — About Dual Miners

SCAM Warning — Established in 2015 with the goal of developing and marketing the world’s first leading dual cryptocurrency miners, which can use either SHA-256 or Scrypt technology depending on the miner’s preference. The company asserts that it was the very first dual mining enterprise in the world. “We wanted to revolutionise the industry with the DualPro by providing more power at a more affordable price than was previously thought to be possible”-Michael Scott.

SCAM Warning — The company maintains offices in a number of other cities around the world, including in the United States. Additional information regarding the company and the goods it sells can be found on the website of the business, which is located at

SCAM Warning — You can obtain additional details by visiting  


SCAM Warning —

SCAM Warning —  (+358) 41 4001034